Elena Usinskiene portfolio
UX/UI designer

Ballard57 Apartments

Ballard57 is a newly constructed apartment building offering it's residents affordable studios and one bedroom apartments within a close proximity of the best restaurants, bars and shopping in the neighborhood.




Client wanted a simple and modern website that would reflect it's brand values as well as neighbourhoods vibe. Target audience for this project was mostly young driven and tech-savvy professionals, that are more preoccupied with work and leisure pursuits rather than settling down.


One page design was chosen in order to save precious time for busy people and simplify their user
journey by providing all necessary information on one page. Website grabs user attention with a lot of beautiful photography*, showing all great features and amenities of the Ballard57 shared spaces
as well as interiors of apartments.




At the bottom of the page user can get to know the area around the building slightly more by reading
a short description or by checking 5 most popular places in categories like: Food & Drinks, Shopping, Transportation, Health, Entertainment, Pets and Services. Each place is clearly marked on the map and
has a short description along with an image.



User Journey & Interactions


Website contains a lot of small interactions in order to hide or unhide more information and descriptions
as well as contact form. Below is the visual map that shows the user journey throughout the website.


Style Guide

Balard57_style sheet-01.jpg

* During the website design process building was in early stages of construction.
All used images are just placeholders that show proposed look and feel of the photography.


Design Process