Elena Usinskiene portfolio
UX/UI designer

GFC Media Group

GFC Media Group is a multi-platform media business offering marketing and business development services to an international audience of banks, lawyers and other financial service providers. GFC is creating communities and allowing them to exchange ideas and network by producing conferences, presenting awards for excellence and an online market intelligence platform.  




Our task was to join both media and conference sides of the business and to create a website that would allow GFC customers to find all the available options in terms of networking, content and learning. Client had a lot of ideas on how their new website should look like and what it’s structure should be, which gave as a good start.


partner with us.jpg


Flat design style, full-width images and brighter colour palette were used in order to reflect changes
in the company. The big focus was on making website less text heavy and easier to use by adding more imagery and emphasizing services and stats. Adding small animations and interactions helped the
website feel less corporate and more friendly.


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