Elena Usinskiene portfolio
UX/UI designer

Newcastle International Airport

Newcastle International Airport is located near the main area of Newcastle. In 2016 it was the 11th busiest airport in the United Kingdom and the second busiest in Northern England, handling over 4.8 million passengers.




Instead of just moving existing website to a new CMS Newcastle International Airport decided to update their website. Client wanted a more interactive and engaging website that would be easy to use and navigate.

The main issue was simplifying a booking panel on the homepage - besides keeping it's functionality it had to stay small, accessible from everywhere and have a possibility to expand if needed. In order to make panel less intrusive we decided to move it to the side of the screen and use icons as a buttons in order to fully open each section.




It was decided to use a card layout for all landing pages and a homepage due to it's abilities to rearrange without any trouble on different size screens. Use of a tiles in 3 different sizes as well as full width Instagram feed towards the bottom of the page made website less monotone. Inner website pages were kept similar to their previous version, but were updated to match a new look of the website. 




We are delighted with the initial feedback on our new website. In just the first few days from going live, we’ve received a wealth of comments about improved navigation, look and feel so we’re delighted.
— David Laws, Chief Executive of Newcastle International Airport